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Jackson Greathouse Fall

I’m a digital nomad + creative entrepreneur. I was born and raised in Los Angeles, and I’ve lived in San Francisco and Oklahoma City. Currently, I live in Paris, France (but I run around a lot).

I do a lot of thinking and writing about why it’s important to keep your life interesting and exciting, and how taking yourself out on excursions of gratitude will lead you down roads you may have never anticipated for yourself. You’ll meet people that will uplift and inspire you, and you’ll never have a bad day.

My work is all over the place– I love working with creative individuals and small businesses on branding and web design projects. I do a lot of work with startups, both as a visual and product designer and a fundraising and marketing consultant for earlier stage companies. I previously cofounded Wealthcoin, an app that lets anyone invest Bitcoin into a diversified stock portfolio, letting people outside of the USA have access to modern financial tools.

When I’m not doing client work, I’m always practicing new skills. I dropped out of high school, so there are a lot of things I glossed over when I moved to San Francisco — things I’ve always been passionate about, but maybe told myself I didn’t have time to get around to. Things like hand lettering, building brand platforms and coming up with ridiculous gin-based cocktails. Ask me about my festive gimlets next time we hang out.

About Greathouse Design

For seven years, Greathouse Design has worked to provide branding and web design services to creative individuals and startups in the hospitality, social + finance technology, and professional branding fields. Combining years of web design experience and a drive to build lasting relationships with all our clients, Greathouse Design meets every new project with focus and attention to detail. We take pride in building things that last and sticking with our clients, continuing to work with them as their businesses evolve.


Our goal has always been to create a beautifully designed end-to-end experience that clearly communicates your message to your audience with intention and deliberation.